Prayers for a troubled world

Lord God we pray for our world…

A world in trouble, a world split apart by deep divisions

  • Political divisions
  • Religious divisions
  • Racial divisions
  • Economic divisions
  • Gender divisions

Man is killing man because he feels divided and different, in the name of their Gods and sometimes in your name. In hate and jealousy, seeking power and revenge, control  of lands, and peoples and ideologies.

How can it go on Lord? This is not of your making, this is not what you want

What must we do, Lord? How can we put right all our wrongs?

Father we pray for an end to division and divisiveness.

We pray for an end to war, conflict, destruction, killing.

We pray for an end to inequality and prejudice.

We pray for world leaders that they have the wisdom and the courage to look beyond their own borders and self interest.

We pray for a spreading of your Word and your truth to all peoples of the earth.

We pray for agencies working in troubled times and places – for the Red Cross, for the White Helmets, for World Vision, for Tearfund, for the Disasters Emergency Committee, Unicef, the United Nations and all who seek to resolve conflict and bring aid to our troubled world.

And we pray Lord for unity. We are one human race, created equal in your eyes, one people, one tribe. We pray for a world which

  • respects difference but not inequality,
  • that recognises our communality rather than our disparity,
  • and that seeks peace, understanding and forgiveness over all.


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