A prayer for our planet

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Luke 19:40  (Jesus) answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, we pray for our planet.

We thank you for the blessings of the Earth. For the very air we breathe, the life giving water we need to sustain us, the creatures in the sea, in the air, on the land, all plant life, and the delicate balance of your perfect creation – as we breathe out the carbon dioxide needed by plant life, the plants enrich the atmosphere with the oxygen we need. Thank you Lord.

And yet we have destroyed your handiwork, and disturbed the natural way of things. We have caused the atmosphere to be damaged, the oceans to swell, the climate to change, the ecosystems to be unbalanced, and still we race on to our ultimate destruction.

Lord God we pray ..

  • for the people around the globe who suffer because of environmental damage.
  • for the defenceless creatures harmed or made extinct by our selfish and ignorant actions.
  • for oceans, air, mountains, plants, and soil, that life and health may again pulse in them.
  • that world leaders would recognise the damage done and would stop harming the planet.
  • that they would take action to reverse dangerous trends and curtail emissions.
  • that they would understand the significance of their role as stewards of your Earth for future generations.
  • that they would care for this planet as you intend, and that the protection of the Earth would be a top political priority.

And Father we pray for your forgiveness that we are here at all. For the world you created was perfect, and by our own free will, greed and selfishness we have introduced destruction on an unimaginable scale. Forgive us – we did not know what we were doing. And now that we do, help us to restore, rebuild and protect your creation, in Christ’s name.



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