A prayer for those caught up in natural disasters

Father God, we pray for our world. In just the last few weeks we have seen terrible images of devastation from flooding across Bangladesh, India and Nepal, from mudslides in Sierra Leone, from earthquakes in Mexico, and from hurricanes across the Caribbean. Across all these disasters thousands have died, tens of thousands have lost their homes and their livelihoods, and millions are affected. It’s hard not to feel helpless faced with the scale of what is going on and yet Lord we pray for all those affected in each of these disasters. We pray for money to be poured in, for workers to get started with the difficult work of rebuilding, and for each of us to do whatever it is that we can. Let us not forget in our comfortable lives and the safety of our environment that the Earth and your people are suffering. Lord we pray you bring hope where there is despair, comfort where there is pain, and joy where there is sadness.


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