A prayer for those struggling with anxiety or depression

Heavenly Father

There is an epidemic of mental health related illnesses sweeping across our world today. Life has become too fast paced, too pressurised, too busy. The world has become an angry place, a violent place, a litigious place. People dare not speak out, don’t take time out, and therefore burn out. From young children to the elderly, people are suffering with anxiety and depression. It drapes like a damp cobweb, dulling senses, squeezing the brain. It is a leaden cloak that cannot be removed, though, to others, barely visible. It controls, it prevents, it paralyses, it seeps. It takes hold; it sucks away joy; replaces it with fog; incapacitates with its grip. Poisonous, invidious and grey…


And so Lord we pray for all those who are struggling with mental illness and we pray for healing.  For relief from physical pain; for peace in the midst of chaos; for reassurance for an uncertain future; for acceptance for situations that cannot be changed; to let go of pain from the past; to give up on a burdens carried for way too long; and for financial worries, family worries, and relationship worries.

And Father God, we pray for spiritual healing for us all…

“Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else” (1 Thessalonians 3:12)

For the healing that only you can provide, through your son, Jesus Christ, whom we love; and the peace, the rest and the joy that comes through knowing Him.


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