There’s always something spiritual for me about food. Having friends around a table sharing food is an expression of love, an expression of community, and it seems to me something that Jesus was rather fond of. Round a table we can share our troubles and our concerns, we can celebrate¬†successes and anniversaries, we can repair and heal some of the inevitable damage of daily living. And we do this with food. But we can also do this with prayer. The prayers can be used as an aid when words don’t come easily, as an aide memoire to the seasons of the church, or simply to reflect on or pray. The recipes can be used to be cooking the seasons – always healthier and cheaper, for everyday suppers, and they’re for newbies as well as seasoned cooks. I hope, like me, you’ll sense the spiritual opportunities in sharing these dishes around your table with friends and family. Either way, I give them to you with love and a prayer.

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